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Why you need Backups!

Data backup: Why it’s important plus strategies to protect your information facebookShareLinkText   twitterShareLinkText   linkedInShareLinkText Written by Clare Stouffer, a NortonLifeLock employee Feb. 25, 2021 Have you ever lost a lot of really important data? Or, short of that, have you ever felt a moment ... Read More »


What is Cybercrime

What is Cybercrime - Definition Perhaps the most dangerous types of malware creators are the hackers and groups of hackers that create malicious software programs in an effort to meet their own specific criminal objectives. These cybercriminals create computer viruses and Trojan programs that can: Steal ... Read More »


What is a DDoS Attack? - DDoS Meaning

What is a DDoS Attack? - DDoS Meaning Distributed Network Attacks are often referred to as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. This type of attack takes advantage of the specific capacity limits that apply to any network resources – such as the infrastructure that enables a company’s website. The DDoS ... Read More »


Website Loading Speed and Why It Matters

Every business today has a website. While design, theme, user navigation, and relevant content are all critical elements of a good website, one thing many people tend to overlook is the loading speed. It is important to understand that today’s buyer/customer/target audience is always online. This means that if they want to access information ... Read More »

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